Our Team of Specialists

Mylvio Mendes – LinkedIn

Marketing Director

Mylvio is highly skilled in B2B and B2C marketing strategies. Skilled in project management and implementation of best SAAS practices, Mendes in an influential marketer. Growth strategy, lead generation and conversion, and nurturing are his main niches.

Mylvio is an Irish entrepreneur, marketing guru, and a sales expert. With his in-depth analysis and knowledge of marketing strategies, brain loyalty is using his abilities and skills to provide the best services to our clients.

Mylvio is the director of marketing operations in Brain Legacy. From years, he is producing excellent results in his professional career with his immaculate knowledge of marketing and handling B2B and B2C models. From business to customer, Mendes knows all the dirty tricks every marketer needs to know and thus is considered as one of the top marketers.

Brain Legacy has been privileged enough to use the services of Mendes. At Brain Legacy, we learn to his advice and develop our plans according to his ideas and experiences.

Niva Souza Junior – LinkedIn – Portifolio

Art Design Director

Spreading his excellent skills and knowledge of arts in people from all around the world, Niva is working as a professional art designer for over a decade now. Combining his natural skills, his out of box thinking, deeply critical and analytical mind, and his charming personality, he is a perfect person to work for Brain Legacy.

Niva is not only an art designer but an influencer. His designs are surely one of the best in the industry and his skills are just too natural. He is a perfect find for us and we are lucky enough to work with him.

Graduated in Marketing Management from IBGM back in 2006, Niva decided to take a different route for his professional career. He started designing and soon found out that he was destined for it. Thus dedicating his life to designs and arts, Niva started practicing more and more. This is how he has become a perfectionist today. And with his knowledge of design, its good days for Brain Legacy.


Laury Marenco – Linkedin

Talent Director

A Teacher by profession, author by passion and mentor by intuition, Laury is our talent director. While the primary focus of his job is to make the perfect talent pool for our projects, he is also often associated with mentoring others.

The Brazilian director of Biodanza school and Human Development mentor Laury De Oliveira is an influential and inspiring mentor. With his abilities to understand, manipulate and solve human problems, he is a very valuable asset for us.

Brain Legacy is happy for the fact that Laury chooses this network over the other. We are destined for providing the best services to our clients from all around the world and this is why we have Laury. Laury ensures that each service is provided with complete efficiency and effectiveness.


Fabio Fraga – LinkedIn

Infrastructure Director / DevOps Evangelist

A system administrator by profession, Fabio is the best option for this job. One of the masters on the Linux system, Fabio provides services across the world. With Brain Legacy, Fraga is performing the duties of infrastructure director also known as the system admin director.
With his deep knowledge of systems algorithms and designs, Fraga is helping us with our system design. Fraga is the perfect choice for so many reasons. He is one of the greatest minds in the industry with years of experience in infrastructure design. Using his skills and mind, we have grown immensely and will only grow in the forward direction.


Luiz Fernando Da Silva – LinkedIn

Scrum Master, CTO, Project Leader, Senior Developer

With over 10 year experience in advanced programming and PHP, Luiz is our senior-most developer and the scrum master of Agile. At Brain Legacy, we follow the agile methods of development in any project. Using the agile methodologies of handling the projects, we provide the best solution and most flexible services for our global clients.

Luiz is a system analyst and developer who can develop and analyze the system modeling applied on MySQL and SQL Server. The Brazilian super technician and our lead developer is the perfect fit for the kind of person we are looking for and it’s a privilege for BL to work with such a talented team lead.


Cassio Lacerda – LinkedIn

Product Owner, Developer, Scrum Master

Cassio is a Project Manager and developer with over 10 years of experience. With major field shift from graduation in management to masters in applied E-learning, Cassio has proved that there is no limit to knowledge. And he applies all his knowledge on our projects.

With a strong background in business transformation, PMP, and software lifecycle, Cassio is the perfect person to plan and execute each project according to the plan. Utilizing his skills and competence, Cassio is providing all the good results for Brain Legacy. His 10 years of experience is really a treat for us because of his extraordinary thinking ability and innovative solutions to each problem.


Junia Maria Silvia – Linkedin

Developer, System Analyst

The Brazilian developer and system analyst are one of the fundamental parts of our team as she handles the most difficult tasks. A quiet and sophisticated personality, Junia always handles each project with the same enthusiasm to provide the best results. With her unique ability to face any challenges or situations with expertise and extreme professionalism, she is the core of our group.

Working with Brain Legacy as a developer and a system analyst, Junia is playing her part in ensuring that this company grows beyond everyone’s expectations. With over 15 years of professional experience in programming and system development, Junia is surely a pro in whatever she does.