BrainLegacy is a complete digital solutions company destined to provide you with digital assistance in your business. We have every digital service you need to flourish your business. Check out our amazing services and get in touch with us to avail the best solutions for your business.


  1. Software Development:

Software development is the core service of our company. We have crafted a whole new approach of software development that not only makes software development an easy process but also provides excellent software as a result. Our practices and software development model is unique and based entirely on our client’s needs and requirements.
Software development is a technical process and involves a lot of technical knowledge and risks. At Brain Legacy, we have the best and most qualified software development team that ensures each project is delivered according to the needs and each software is created to provide maximum functionality.

Contact us today to learn more about our state of the art core software development functionalities. We are covering a range of different software development services in cost effective solutions. Find out more about our services and get excusive software development services today. Browse through our services and get an idea about our work.


Software Product Project and Development

Among our executive software development services, software project development and management is the core service of the company. We are providing excellent services in project development. Our software speak louder and perform functions. We provide functionality.

Software project management and development is the process of managing, creating, and processing a computer software. Different approaches are used for project development. There are different models that are followed in order to make our software development the stand out service of Brain Legacy. We ensure that each software is developed by keeping in mind the amount of risks involved in the development process.

Using agile model and iterative software development approach, we create opportunities. Our solutions are digital assistants for our clients. Our software development process is calculated and is designed to provide complete functionalities and serve the purpose. We love our work and know what we are good at.



UX Design/ Prototyping

Our one of the most mainframe services is UX designing. We are best in designing prototypes for desktop and web applications. Our prototyping is unique. We have an excellent crew to handle UX design tasks with amazing functions and support.

Creating a good user experience is very necessary in any application. When you are shifting your business to digital world, the only thing you care about is the maximum customer satisfaction. User interface and user experience are very important and should provide ease of accessibility and advantages to the user. Our designs are created with latest approach and modern technicalities to engage users in a better and easier way.

Our designs are created by keeping the requirements and complications in mind. We have an excellent UX design team that creates custom designs from scratch as well as prototype designs. We have a range of design services for both theme based design and custom UX and prototyping services.


Database Project

Database is an integral part of any web application. Without database, no web application or website would function. Database projects need highly skilled personnel as it is one of the most technical things any development team has to deal with. To create a perfect database to fetch and store data without any errors or bugs is not a child’s play. We ensure that the entire database is created without any errors and bugs.

Database creation has to deal with queries. There are a lot of elements included in database designing. All of these elements and components are created separately and are joined together to form a database. Creating each element, function, or component of database requires skills. Database designers and developers are one of the most highly paid professionals.

Because of the technicalities involved, database is created only by the professionals who have a sound knowledge of the approach and practices of database creation. At brain legacy, we have a highly skilled team of professionals who know their jobs and have in-depth knowledge of database creation and the procedures in developing a dynamic and good database.


Waterfall project management

Waterfall project management technique is one of the software development methodologies that are followed to ensure that each software is created using the best practices. It is one of the most cost effective and easy project management approach, however, there are some technicalities involved with the approach. Waterfall software development approach is non agile development. In this approach, the main project is divided into a series of smaller tasks. Each task is completed and combined to get the resultant end product. As the method is not agile, there are no iterations involved in the development phase. The end product is the only product that is provided to the client.

Waterfall project management approach is the most cost effective solution for any software development process. As no iterations or revisions are made, clients as well as developing teams can complete the project in lesser time and cost as compared to other approaches.


Agile Project Management

Agile development production model is the most advanced and most used project management approaches. In agile methodologies, the team working on the project is flexible and dynamic. Agile methodologies include various prototypes.

Agile is one of the best software development approaches. There are sixteen core values that are usually followed in agile methods. This makes agile the most calculated, error free and dynamic software development model. In agile model, there are different phases and stages of development. Each stage has several iterations. All these iterations are done using the prototyping technique. The final product is created by combining the best features of each prototype. Each prototype is also known as stage of development. Agile development is most efficient as the end product is specifically tailor made according to the client’s needs and requirements. Crafting the end product through various stages, brain legacy ensures that the customer gets what he desires.


  1. Infrastructure:

Besides software development, we are also pioneer in creating IT architectures and infrastructures. To provide our consistent and excellent IT services, we need to be specialists in IT infrastructure. We love our clients and thus carve our way to provide the best infrastructure services to our clients.

From web hosting to application hosting and database consultation and creation, we provide every IT infrastructure service to our clients. Our range of services is what makes us unique. We think out of the box and provide dynamic and cost effective solutions for our clients. Learn more about our basic and advanced infrastructure services. Choose your package and discuss in details about your project. Get free consultation from the industry experts and choose the package that suits your needs. Get our best infrastructure designing, installation and support services. Get in touch with us and learn more about our matchless services.


Web Hosting

Web hosting is the most integral part of IT infrastructure and architecture designing. Every company and website owner needs web hosting for their server or website. Web hosting requires special techniques, sometimes equipment and skills or network engineers and IT specialists. Hosting a website might seem a simple process, however, it requires specific activities and is not easy.

With our easy hosting solutions, you can choose web hosting for you server architecture or even a single website. We have dedicated team to work with web hosting. Our hosting team is dedicated and up to the task. Get exclusive web hosting services in market competitive rates and complete support.

Web hosting is required to work on both local as well as cloud server. Some domain providers provide limited web hosting services, however, complete web hosting service is not provided by any domain provider. We at brain legacy provide web hosting with complete support and solutions.


Specific Application Web Hosting

As much as web hosting is important for server and websites, it is also very important for a specific application or domain. Web applications need specific web hosting practices and approaches. Many companies purchase web hosting services for the entire website but don’t focus on a single application. This can reduce the application popularity as well as decrease the customer engagement with the application as it affects the quality of the application. To maintain proper quality and up to date application status, web hosting is very important. The customer should know what he is doing and to whom the application belongs.

With our tailor-made application web hosting services, you can boost your applications to target the audience you want to target. Engage more users with your application by our professional and state of the art application web hosting services. Contact us for more details about application and website hosting.


Database Consulting:

Need consultation for database design and solutions? You are in the right place. Database is an important part of web and software development as it plays a vital role in the functionality of any web and desktop application. Creating a database needs specific skills. The queries involved in creating and managing a database requires specific skills and not everyone can create perfect database.

If you think you are good in creating databases and just needs an advice on how to proceed, brain legacy can help you. We provide database consulting for technical as well as non-technical clients. Technical clients can share their ideas and get consultation regarding the best approach to make databases. Non-technical clients can get complete support, assistance, consultation, as well as database design. Database should be dynamic enough to provide the required functionality. If your database needs finishing, contact our skilled professional database designers and consultants to get started today.


  1. Marketing

Marketing is important. It is in fact everything. If your brand and products are not marketed properly, they cannot make an impact in the public. To increase your brand awareness and to promote your products to get more users, you need to market your products. We market our products and thus can do it for you products as well.

With proper implementation of online marketing, you can promote your brand and can increase your brand awareness among masses and your target audience. Online marketing needs tools and methodologies. Rank your brand on top in Google and other search engines with our professional marketing services.

Get the best marketing services for your product. Marketing involves various techniques like search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing and B2B solutions. Brain Legacy offers a range of marketing services for our clients. Get to know about the best services and get in touch today to discuss your requirements in details.


Marketing Strategy:

To launch your product and attract your target group of customers, you need to design and implement a proper strategy. The strategy should be made while keeping in mind the end goal, the resources and limitations of the company. If you cannot market your product, you cannot sell it. And to properly do the marketing, you need to have a sound strategy. With our strategy making abilities and professional strategy designing services, you can get the best solutions for your marketing concerns.

Make a good strategy with us and promote your brand both locally and globally. Marketing strategy is needed in both digital as well as local marketing. To promote the online and offline presence of your products, you need to implement the marketing practices and knowledge. Work with us on your project and get the best strategy designed for your brand. Contact today to boost the online presence of your brand.


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is as important as local marketing. While local marketing improves the offline presence of your brand, digital marketing increases the online brand awareness of your product range. Facebook, Twitter, Google and other online platforms mean a lot while marketing specific product and targeting customers. We do it every day and hence we know what it takes to create an awesome marketing campaign on Facebook and other online platforms. We can even show you the specific online marketing approaches we use for our products. Be our partners and join hands in crafting the best online marketing for your brand. Target the right customer group and increase the online presence of your brand. To avail our services, get in contact with our customer department. We are available to listen to your queries and provide our digital assistance with professional skills and expertise. Delegate your digital marketing tasks to someone who enjoys doing it.


Content Marketing

Content marketing is as important as digital marketing. It is the approach of increasing the brand presence and awareness using the content. Some content is better than the other and attract more readers/ viewers. All you need to do is to create the required type of content and you are good to go. Having trouble in creating the required content? Get our help.

With our services and expertise in content marketing, we can help you with your brand. We have the skilled writers to make your brand presentable and attract a larger proportion of users every day. Our tailor-made content is crafted according to the requirements with specific keywords and Meta descriptions to rank your website higher than your competitors. If you want to rank your website higher in the indexes of search engines, give us the opportunity to do the best content marketing for your brand.


Marketing Automation

Are you still handling the marketing manually? Time to improvise with our automation tools and solutions. Marketing needs constant update and rapid implementation. Creating an automated system to handle the marketing related projects is always a better option than to manually handle tasks. Stop wondering and start improvising.

Create a system to automatically schedule your marketing strategy. Reduce one headache and let your brand flourish in the digital world. We are specialists in designing and installing a dynamic and automated marketing systems in your servers. Get the best marketing automation services and let us do the tasks. With our specialized marketing solutions and procedures, you can schedule the marketing strategy to implement on your system automatically. This not only saves a lot of time and cost, but also reduces your effort. Manage your marketing related tasks automatically and focus on your business more. Contact us today to get amazing services in exclusive rates.



If you are stepping in the digital world, the first thing you need is a website. Obviously, without having a website, you cannot even step in the digital world. Creating a good, robust, friendly, user oriented, and functionally dynamic website is necessary to undertake digital operations. When a customer wants to learn about your online presence, the first thing he will ask for is the website for your brand. Having a good website can increase your brand awareness up to a significant level. Get a fully functional and attractive website designed to attract more people.

Website design and development requires certain approaches, skills and tools. Without the proper implementation of each tool and skill, a website cannot be created to function properly. We provide state of the art website design and development services to our clients from across the world. With our unique website design and development services, you can rule the digital world.


B2B Social Media

There are generally two approaches to market your product. While a B2C approach is used to throw marketing strategy directly at the customer, a more sophisticated and delegate marketing approach is the one in which companies share their marketing goals and strategies to one another. This B2B marketing strategies require more technical knowledge than B2C marketing. With proper B2B marketing techniques, you can target even more refined customers. B2B social media marketing provides huge results and a little effort in the right direction can prove vital from your brand.

With our highly professional and exclusive B2B marketing services, you can create a strategy to target the customers you have dreamt about. Join hands with other industry experts and use a combined marketing strategy. Work with business to business strategy to drive better results with less effort than business to customer strategy. Get in touch today to get exclusive B2B social media marketing services.